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  1. 35 mins

    As the blue economy continues to grow, opportunities abound for investors who are willing to make a difference while earning a profit.

    Takeaways of this engaging session: 

    • Investing in the ocean can benefit both the environment and the bottom line

    • Benefits including climate regulation, biodiversity and ecosystem services, economic opportunities, scientific research, and global connectivity

    • Learn how you can make a positive impact while also making a smart investment

    • Where is innovation leading to investable ocean-related opportunity?

  1. 30 mins

    Blue finance is a rapidly growing field and many are coming to it from other paths and industries. While this is great news, newcomers would be well advised to listen to the experts who have been in the trenches of blue economy financing for decades. Lucky for us, two of them are on this session, willing to share their first hand experience and hard-won expertise.

    In this panel you will learn:

    • Why, to succeed in blue finance, it is crucial to have industry expertise. 
    • How to support innovation at every stage of growth
    • Common gaps in funding pathways that both investors and startups need to be aware of to avoid
    • Best and worst practices for nurturing innovation - with real life examples

    This is intended to be a highly interactive session so bring your specific questions in our speakers will be delighted to help you figure out your next move. Let's all learn together.

  2. 30 mins

    Brought to you by Bright Tide

    What is Blue Carbon and why is it important? 

    Mangroves, seagrasses, and salt marshes ecosystems play a crucial role in mitigating climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it in their biomass.
    However, these ecosystems are under threat from a range of human activities, including habitat loss, pollution, and overfishing.

    • Why are blue carbon ecosystems essential for both climate mitigation and adaptation?

    • What are the current barriers to scalability? 

    • What technological options exist for quantifying and tracking blue carbon?

    • What are the criteria and procedures used to evaluate blue carbon?

  3. 30 mins

    There's much excitement about rapidly advancing technologies like AI, and, without a doubt, it has great potential to enhance our efforts in protecting the planet and conserving our oceans.
    But with the future approaching at light speed, where does this leave the question of collective human action, and the behaviours that drive positive impact?
    Are we innovating ourselves out of our planetary problems? What can history teach us, and will smart machines and technologies will become meaningful extensions of our environmental initiatives, or will we become more distracted and disconnected from the world as it burns from a comfortable distance?

    These are serious considerations, and there are no easy answers. But the way in which we educate others, communicate progress and inspire responsible action could be the best start we give ourselves.
    Join storytelling coach and creative entrepreneur Alex Searle for an open discussion on tackling these questions, and how we can use our precious human interaction skills to make history, instead of repeating it.

  1. 45 mins

    Entrepreneurship requires embracing discomfort and overcoming challenges that others have faced before. To equip yourself for this journey, it's important to gain the right tools, insights, and mindset from the start.

    In the upcoming session, attendees will receive valuable tips and feedback on:

    • Identifying and implementing problem-solving techniques

    • Meeting corporate and investor expectations and overcoming hurdles and rejection

    • Leveraging the ability to pivot, managing cash flow, and understanding the importance of networking and market focus.

    Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to reflect on the question: "If you could start over, what would you do differently?"

  2. 45 mins

    Sustainable ocean finance: why is it not one size fits all?
    Various forms of investment and financing are essential for promoting sustainable practices and preserving the health of our oceans. Get a full insight into the emerging trends and challenges in ocean innovation and identify potential investment opportunities. 

    As an investor, here is what you want to look at: 

    • Look for start-ups that are developing solutions to address ocean related challenges such as pollution, overfishing and climate change.

    • Invest in VC funds that specialise in ocean innovation and can generate financial return and have positive impact.

    • Evaluate the potential risk and benefits of investing in different ocean innovation technologies (scalability, regulatory environments, etc) 

    • Develop a strategy for investing in ocean innovation (Family office financing has emerged as another source of funding as well as Crowdfunding platforms which are now used by ocean startups to raise funds from the public)


  3. 60 mins


    How to finance Blue Carbon at scale

    One of the most promising approaches to financing blue carbon seems to be through the use of market-based mechanisms, such as carbon credits or payments for ecosystem services.
    Innovative financing models, such as crowdfunding and impact investment, can also be used to finance blue carbon initiatives.
    Ultimately, a combination of these financing approaches will likely be needed to support the large-scale conservation and restoration of blue carbon ecosystems around the globe.

    • How do you invest in high-quality carbon projects?
    • How can investors financially support blue carbon projects in exchange for carbon offsets or other environmental benefits?
    • What needs to be done to open access to the international market?
  1. 15 mins

    The European Union (EU) has been actively supporting ocean innovators through various initiatives and programs aimed at promoting sustainable marine practices and fostering innovation in the ocean sector. By supporting ocean innovators, the EU aims to drive economic growth, protect marine ecosystems, and address the challenges posed by climate change in a comprehensive and sustainable manner:

    • Hear some of the success stories of ocean innovators who have benefited from EU support, highlighting their groundbreaking solutions 
    • Explore the EU's collaborative platforms, networks, and knowledge-sharing initiatives that facilitate cooperation among member states, industry stakeholders, and research institutions
    • Get an understanding of the EU's multifaceted approach to supporting ocean innovators and its contributions towards achieving a sustainable and resilient blue economy
  2. 30 mins

    The starting point for any entrepreneurial journey is to build the right team, following the principle of "Who first, then what." In times of uncertainty, having a team that can adapt and perform brilliantly is crucial for success.

    In the upcoming firechat, attendees will learn about the following topics:

    • When, how, and who to hire first

    • Ensuring that new hires share the same mindset and goals for the business

    • Successfully building and managing remote teams to unlock career and business potential beyond physical boundaries

    • Best practices for building and managing remote teams to ensure success.

  1. 30 mins

    Join us for an inspiring talk with Martin Schwab, the founder of Ocean Born Foundation, as he shares the story of how the organization started with three surfers on a beach in Portugal, wanting to clean the beaches of Cascais.

    How their passion for ocean restoration and protection led to the creation of Ocean Beer, Ocean Lifestyle and Ocean Tailored as well as the journey to establish an impact fund - Ocean Born Impact.

    Discover how Ocean Born Foundation is making a difference for the Ocean, and learn about their unique approach to giving back - by donating 100% of profits to support their cause.

  2. 60 mins

    The seaweed industry is poised to undergo significant growth and development in the coming years, as the world's population continues to grow and demand for sustainable food sources increases.

    We will explore the latest trends and innovations in the seaweed industry and its potential as a source of biofuels, bioplastics, and other sustainable materials.

    • What are the regulatory and environmental challenges facing the industry?
    • How can technology be utilised to establish extensive kelp restoration initiatives?
    • What does it entail to build a durable seaweed industry?
    • What factors are impeding investment growth in the sector?
    • What are the methods for financing seaweed businesses?
  3. 60 mins

    Looking for a unicorn or simply a profitable business? 
    As an ocean startup, it's easy to get caught up in the idea of becoming the next big unicorn in the blue economy. 

    However, it's important to remember that:

    • Even if investors want to see potential for growth and impact, they are ultimately seeking profitable businesses that are sustainable in the long term. 

    • Investors are more interested in investing in a business with a solid foundation and clear path to profitability than in taking a high-risk gamble on a unicorn.

    • There are different examples of ROI. Discuss where the next disruptive innovations in ocean industries may emerge. 

    • They are strong opportunities for investors looking to make a positive impact on the environment while also earning a profit

  1. 60 mins

    Traditional industries have a significant impact on the environment, often through resource-intensive production processes and waste generation. However, these industries also have the potential to play a crucial role in the transition to a more sustainable future. 

    In that session you will get insights on:

    • The role of startups in influencing established industries to invest in clean energy technologies, adopt circular economy principles, and explore sustainable materials and production processes.

    • How traditional industries can reduce their environmental impact, and also gain a competitive advantage by meeting the growing demand for sustainable products and services.

  1. 45 mins

    Sustainability is no longer a passing trend, but rather an essential component of modern business practices. Many companies now recognize the value of sustainability as a growth strategy, but questions remain as to how sustainability and profitability can be reconciled. 

    Takeaways of this panel will include:

    • Benefits of the triple bottom line approach

    • Building a business model that maximizes growth potential and leverages partnerships to ensure profitability while maintaining a commitment to sustainability.

    • Sustainable initiatives areNOT always costly and DON’T undermine profitability. 

    • Don’t fall into the trap of "greenwashing" : create a truly sustainable ocean economy that meets customer demand while aligning with core values

  2. 45 mins

    Regenerative ocean farming, which involves growing a diverse range of seaweed and shellfish in underwater farms, is gaining attention as a sustainable and scalable alternative to traditional aquaculture and wild-capture fisheries.
    While there are clear environmental benefits to regenerative ocean farming, such as improving water quality and sequestering carbon, questions remain about its economic viability as a business model.

    This workshops will dive into the drives and requirements of successful regenerative ocean farming:

    • access to markets, production costs, and regulatory frameworks
    • potential of regenerative ocean farming as a profitable and sustainable business model
    • the latest developments in this emerging industry
    • Sustainable aquaculture & harvesting practices
    • Substitutes for conventional protein sources


  3. 45 mins

    More likely to sink or swim? A diverse mix of investors on stage will share their thoughts on why they invested in a certain company or entrepreneur or why the deal fell through, sometimes even at the last minute. 

    • What are the challenges and opportunities in investing in early stage startups in ocean innovation. 

    • How to minimize the risks and maximize opportunities.

    • The Do’s and Don’ts when financing ocean innovation

    • How to prepare for challenging times in funding?

  1. 120 mins
  1. 60 mins

    Getting your company's culture right is crucial for nailing your business strategy.
    Your company's culture encompasses your leadership style, mission and ethics, workplace environment, and communicated goals and expectations.

    Takeways from this engaging panel:

    • Defining what you want your venture to be known for

    • Measuring success is key in positioning it in front of potential investors.

    • Translating your company goals into tangible action is important, but your core values should never be neglected.

    • Adopt a "less is more" strategy by prioritizing your top goal or priority to create a company culture that provides a framework for decision-making and actions.

    Join this immersive discussion to understand how your company culture can help you settle and scale your business efficiently and secure the right partners for your journey.

  2. 60 mins

    Hosted by Bluespring and Dutch Energy from Water Association (EWA)

    How do you build a successful ocean renewable energy tech business? 

    Are you an ocean renewable energy tech developer looking at scaling up? Here are some of the lessons we learnt: technology, testing, team, time & finance

  1. 60 mins

    To support and secure business development in the ocean sector, it is important to define sustainable development goals and view international ocean law as a business advantage for strategy development and product positioning. 

    Engage with Virginie as she dives into:

    • International law in the maritime sector: challenges and opportunities

    • How can international law be applied in the blue economy

    • Legal issues related to sea activities, access or use of marine resources, and marine protection, etc

  2. 60 mins


    • Zoom on the potential offshore renewable energy technologies: Everything you need to know from wave, offshore solar, tidal, floating wind, Salinity Gradient Power, energy storage & financing bodies

    • New financing models: how can the growth of offshore wind farm development also help to accelerate the implementation of ocean restoration 


  1. 45 mins

    Let’s explore the critical role of ports in shaping a thriving and sustainable maritime future. In this workshop led by Braid Theory, esteemed industry experts will come together to shed light on the transformative potential of port innovation in fostering a sustainable blue economy. As the world's oceans face unprecedented challenges, such as climate change, overfishing, and marine pollution, it is imperative to harness innovative solutions that balance economic growth with environmental stewardship:

    • Discover how pioneering port technologies, digital advancements, and sustainable practices are driving positive change across the maritime sect
    • How can strategic innovation disrupt traditional maritime industries to build a more resilient and regenerative maritime ecosystem?

    Our experts will share case studies showcasing successful port-driven initiatives that promote sustainable shipping, coastal protection, and marine conservation.

  2. 60 mins

    By finding the right partners, accelerator and/or cluster to join, you can take your mission and impact to the next level, and break through traditional thinking to uncover new possibilities for your business. In the context of the blue economy, collaboration is especially important for achieving real impact and overcoming silos between like-minded entities.

    Our panel will share some insights on:

    • How you can achieve greater results and ROI, by engaging with peers, share best practices, and leverage each other's strengths
    • How building a regional value chain can foster innovation
    • Open dialogues with key experts, incubators, and accelerators and how it can help you securing successful partnerships with corporations
  1. 10 mins

    During this session, we will delve into PlanBlue pioneering efforts in mapping benthic ecosystems. They will share insights on how we can leverage Underwater Hyperspectral Imaging and formulate guiding principles for blue carbon offset projects, including High-Quality Blue Carbon Principles and Guidance.

    The objective is to enhance the comprehension of the benthic ecosystem accomplishing this through significant advancements in underwater navigation, sensors (especially hyperspectral ones), and AI-driven automated data processing.

    Learn how these breakthroughs are revolutionizing the quantity and quality of seafloor mapping data accessible, addressing broader issues at hand.

  1. 60 mins

    Are you struggling to secure funding for your ocean-related business? Securing funding can be a challenge for new businesses and startups, as investors are often hesitant to invest in unproven companies. 

    Here's what you need to know:

    • Get valuable insights, strategies, and tips to help ocean entrepreneurs like you to succeed in the competitive world of funding.

    • The world of crowdfunding, working with venture capitalists, raising seed funds, finding angel investors, and raising Series A rounds in a nutshell

    • Do's and don'ts of seed funding and how to win and leverage top-notch panel investors to back your startup.